Amara + Dave + The Prague Vacation Portraits

girl with disembodied hand

This shoot brought together the winning combo of travelers and portraits! And yes, I left the disembodied hand on the portrait above, couldn’t help myself plus I felt like it matched this couple’s artsy vibe. But don’t worry, it’s removable.

portrait of a woman
All cool now.

I do love editing and retouching. As much as I used to love the process in the darkroom back in the day. Photoshop is like a super fun creative/problem-solving tool. Anyway. Amara is a former classmate of mine (and quite the flautist, in case you are looking for a flute quartet in New England!). She and her partner Dave came to Europe on their first major trip abroad together for a wedding in Berlin and a multi-city adventure thereafter. I was so happy that they reached out! It was really nice to spend time with them and it’s always a pleasure to photograph people who are so obviously connected and into each other (and into art!). The shoot was essentially a mini-tour of Prague including a few hotspots and a few spots I’ve been dreaming about shooting in off the beaten tourist path.

We met near Staroměstská and hopped across the Vltava to Vojanovy Sady (aka the Prague park where peacocks run free).

a couple kisses surrounded by peacocks
They were surprisingly chilled.
couple dancing in prague garden
Dance break!

Let’s cue some music here (obviously some Karel Gott).

This place feels pretty unique for a park just by a massive castle. The city center can get a bit overwhelming in the summer, but there are plenty of nooks that make Prague feel like a small village!

couple reenacting first date

I asked about how they first met, and they were able to show me! It’s all about that first subtle contact in the bar, right? Which is sort of funny, because Dave’s specialty is in developing online dating sites. I loved the way he told this story; how he brushed his hand against hers and she followed his hand back when he moved it away.


prague portrait

couples portrait close up

Check out the full gallery here!


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